10 Urban Gospel Songs You Can Use for Church Choreography | Part I


Dancing provides many great benefits and, while it’s not possible to list them all, some of the greater benefits include allowing one to express him or herself, serving as a source of exercise and entertainment.

One of the most important aspects of all dance is choreography. Choreography is the art of creating a dance routine by grouping together and organizing different dance moves into sequences and patterns that can be done to a specific song, beat, or melody.

The past years has seen urban gospel evolve from hip hop and reggae to include afro beats. The fraternity can boast of dance tunes that would send anyone into a state of frenzy. Who says you can’t have fun in Christ.

In no particular order, check out these urban gospel tunes you can use for your church choreography.

1. Preachers – Grace Sor

Multiple Award winning trio, Preachers released this piece titled “Grace Sor” which literally means “it’s always grace or grace all around”. “Grace Sor” is an afro banger produced by Replay Planet. I hope you already have your dancing shoes on. Do enjoy this one and tell a friend to tell another friend that it’s “Grace Sor”.

2. Absteiner – Dance 4 You

“Dance 4 You” is an afro beats song by Absteiner. This song seeks to encourage one to dance for God since He has been awesome throughout the year. Download, watch and enjoy this one and please do well to recommend for a friend as well.

3. Belac360 – Ohene

Who is king? God is King. “Ohene” by Belac360 translates as “King”. This grove will blow you away trust me. Just gather your dance crew and you’ll see the magic.

4. Miklez – Candle In The Dark Remix (feat. Kingzkid)

A combination of two Lighthouse Chapel heavy weights and you expect fireworks. The dancing stars of Lighthouse Chapel have been doing justice to this piece for a while now. It’s time for your church to join the trend.

5. Jay Song – Ebe Things

Jay Song is something else and “Ebe Things” is simply magical. You reay have to master your steps when it comes to this song because “ebe things ampa”.

6. DJ Xerxes – Eye Ball (feat. Jaysong, Neqta)

Disc Jockey, DJ Xerxes is never left out of the afro frenzy. He brings to fast rising sensations in Jaysong and Neqta with him on this tune titled “Eye Ball”.

7. Kelvin Flintstones – Head to Toe

My head, my shoulder, my knees and my toes. Trust me that’s the grove with an already laid down pattern by Kelvin Flintstones. Your choreography crew will be glad they choreographed with this song.

8. Yongrush – Mu Gyae Me
Mu Gyae Me” is a statement originating from the Ashanti land in a Ghanaian language called Twi meaning “you all, leave me alone”. In this song Yongrush is putting the across the general message that everyone should leave him so he can dance and sing praises God to the highest level.

9. Kingsford Areon – Igwe

There’s a new wave in town titled “Igwe” by another Era Music Artiste, Kingsford Areon . You definitely have to listen to this one. This afro beat piece would definitely give you chills. The message is also on point and I know you’ll love this piece. Production credit goes to DJ Ruel. Enjoy this piece and please do well to recommend for a friend as well.

10. Kojo Brooklyn – Series of Victories

As declared by the Prophet, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills as a year (2019) of “Series of Victories”, the “Work For The Lord” hitmaker, Kojoh Brooklyn decided to mix the word with faith by letting the prophecy come to flesh. He started his 2019 with this afrobeat banger.

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