Absteiner and Goddey A Duo? All You Need to Know About These Two Artistes


The rise of urban gospel in the past decade cannot be disputed. We have seen the emergence of new acts who are gradual gaining grounds and making impact in one way or the other. Two acts that have gradually gained grounds in the urban gospel space are Absteiner and Goddey. Pictured on numerous occasions and at events performing together, one might think these two are a duo in a group. However, that’s far from the actually reality.

Absteiner is predominantly a rap artiste. His music features a blend of hip-hop and afro beats. Making his debut with the song “For the Lord” in 2015, Absteiner has rised through the ranks and matured as a music. His latest single “Edey Bee” is a testament to the fact. Absteiner already has an extended playlist “Notes to God” and an album “Evergreen” to his credit.

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Goddey is a vocal power house who numerous records to his name. His music basically features hip-hop, RnB, afro beats and worship. Goddey’s vocal prowess has seen him release several hit songs in the urban gospel space. Songs such as “Carry the Word” and “Eno Be Me” remain classics. Not to forget his powerful worship piece, “Make Me Over”. His debut album “FINE” was released in 2018.

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Now why question; Absteiner and Goddey a duo? These two artistes almost feature each other on their respective tunes. They’ve even featured on each other’s album. “Made it Happen, Prove My Love, Fine, Mercy and Grace, No More, Time” are some tunes these two acts have featured on. The two are yet to release another song again this March. “Pinnacle” is the title of this one. Duo or no duo these two acts are making life transforming music. Leave your views in the comments session and let’s get interactive.

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