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Abraham Tetteh Teye is recognized in the urban gospel world as Absteiner. “Absteiner basically means stainless which implies that God’s grace has cleansed all my iniquities and made me whole making me sensational too” he explains. Absteiner is a rapper, poet as well as a blogger.

Born and bred in Accra, Absteiner grew up in La. Growing up, Absteiner wasn’t really into music. He occasionally heard and nodded to the hip life and high life songs played during special events in his hood. His interest rested in football. Although he wasn’t that a bad footballer, he wasn’t that good as well. He hence focused his energy and ability to study and analyze football matches. There was no match he would not watch. However due to school and studies his couldn’t get the opportunity to watch matches as frequently as he wish he could, the love for football was slowly diminishing.

Senior High School opened a new chapter. Absteiner realized that he had unconsciously grabbed the hip life and high life songs he used to hear. He could hence mime hip life songs with ease. He occasionally rapped with his high school class mates at the back of the class. All this while Absteiner never knew there was anything called “gospel rap”. When he first heard Frank Edwards “You Too Dey Bless Me” he was mesmerized. The song revealed to him rapping from a Godly perspective was the ultimate goal, the reason for living. Absteiner was hence inspired to write his own gospel rap song.

With time Absteiner got exposed to music from the likes of KingzKid, Lecrae, Preachers, Lil Zig, amongst a host of others. Absteiner realized his love for Godly music grow and grow as the days went by. Worshipping with the “First Love Church” in his University days also helped him to understand that one could rap from a Godly perspective. Absteiner knew that he had to fulfill his God given destiny, he had to do something for the Lord. After attending a few urban gospel concerts, Absteiner got exposed to a lot of urban gospel acts such as Vbuqs, BenjaminTheKid, Nana K, Swhag Team, Rich Praiz, Beezz, Krixy, The Christhood, amongst many others. He drew motivation and inspiration from all these acts. After much thought and soul searching, Absteiner finally released his first single titled “For the Lord”. There has been no turning back since then.

Absteiner’s urban gospel journey has been an easy one but by the grace of God he is still thriving. “I’m still grinding in grace” is the term he uses mostly. By the grace of God he has been able to release hit songs such as “Made It Happen” “Mercy And Grace” “as well as “Prove My Love”. He has also had the glorious opportunity to minister on various platforms with the likes of KingzKid, Lil Zig, Edy C Radio, Chosen, Natty Ogli, Call Me Nazareth, Preachers, Goddey, Flintstones, R4J, Belac, et al.

His latest project “Notes To God” is already making waves. It’s a six (6) track extended play (EP) which features the likes of Goddey and Trish. Accompanied with two top notch videos so far off the project, “Notes To God” has been a masterpiece. You watch some videos off the project below via YouTube.

Absteiner believes his mission is to propagate the gospel through rap music. “I don’t know if it just me but I think every song without a rap version has a rap version” he says. He is of the view that urban gospel is about to take the world by storm. Follow him @absteinermusic on all social media platforms.

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