Artiste Profile: Joojo Eshun [@joojo_eshun]


Joojo Eshun started singing and playing the keyboard at a very tender age of twelve. By seventeen he realized that he had a unique calling upon his life to be a minister in music.
His Christian upbringing (by way of his mother) and time with elderly Christians changed his perspective about what is meant to be a Christian and to be in ministry.

Joojo received several conformations about his calling in personal dream, visions and prophecies from men of God, friends and mentors in ministry.

Prior to joining Created To Worship Ministries as a lead vocalist and music director, Joojo was the MD in Rhema Worship Centre and also MD in Opoku Ware School Choir. He has been blessed to be on the same stage as renowned artistes such as Oware Junior, Moses Ok, Emma Omonge, Burton King, Ben Ambani and Evelyn Wanjiru.

His debut single “Give Thanks” was well received in Kenya. Joojo expresses his heart’s desire is to see and hear Ghanaian artists make a profound impact all over the world; It has never been about me and it will never be, but men will see the good works and glorify my father which is in heaven.

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