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Carlton Alphonso Cooper was born in Benin City, Nigeria, in 1997 to a single mother. He spent the first 12 years in Nigeria moving between cities, before his mother migrated to Ghana for work in 2009 with Carlton and his 3 sisters after his adopted father’s death in 2007. He attended Queen’s International School from JHS1 to JHS3, and then East Airport International School for the rest of his High School years graduating in 2015.

Interestingly, Carlton was not interested in music making until he was about 17 years old. Ironically enough, his mother is a talented singer and choir mistress, his first sister (Alvina Cooper) has been singing since childhood, his adopted father could play almost any instrument imaginable, his aunts and uncles were either artistes or choir members, while he only had eyes for football. Carlton had dreams of becoming a professional footballer ever since he was four. He still admits to loving football more than he loves music.

As a 15 year old, “jerking”, the trending dance at the time caught his attention. He danced for about 3 years with a group called Crazie Inc but slowly started to fall in love with the songs he found himself dancing to. This led to a curiosity about making beats and in no time opened up the world of production. He never sang, rapped or made his own songs until 2016, but he claims to have known how to rap long before then.

Rey Cooper was formerly known as Red-Ace (during his dancing days) but as he started to make music, he rebranded and changed his name. He is one of the pioneers of Power Circle Music, one of the fastest growing music production companies in Africa at the moment. He has produced for, and worked with the likes of Ckamz, Belac 360, Henson Trench and a lot more across the gospel and secular music industry. He has always considered his music as a strong advocate for the gospel, even though it has been put under scrutiny by a number of people for it’s controversial nature and impression.

Rey Cooper’s debut album “Greatest Alive 1” has over 2,000 streams on audiomack and received some international recognition with rapzilla including it in their chh playlist on various platforms.

Stream/Download album below;

His latest works can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer and his favorite platform, Audiomack.

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