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Yannick Paul, birth name Paul Nembhard, born November 8, 1991 previously known as Don Snypa and Dynasty General, is a Jamaican spoken word poet, reggae, dancehall and gospel artiste.

He was born in Kingston, Jamaica in the Payneland community where he found a love for art, commonly known to always draw in notebooks and in the dirt with a stick. In 2004, at the age of 12, he migrated to the Bronx with his mother and one of his younger brothers.

He found a Vybz Kartel CD while visiting a friend of his mother and took it home without her knowing. He immediately fell in love with the art of music, and was then inspired to write music like Vybz Kartel, who became his idol.

He later formed a music group called Muzik Dynasty at around age 15 with a group of friends from the Bronx, where they released free music online, clashed with rival groups, and built a local reputation as a hardcore dancehall group by their marijuana and sex driven lifestyle. After a few years of not being able to properly succeed as a group, they split up, although some of them still remained friends today.

In 2011, he visited Jamaica to intimately learn more about the history and culture of Jamaican music. His father managed to set up an opportunity for him to sit and talk with producer Clifton “Specialist” Dillon, who told him he had star like qualities. He also stood in the rehearsal room two days in a row while reggae artiste Luciano rehearsed for the 2012 Rebel Salute concert.

After returning back to America, he eagerly released a few singles for his “Generally Speaking” mixtape. Songs like “Raise Di Bar”, “God Nah Sleep” and “Who I Am.” However, he decided to no longer release the mixtape because he no longer knew who he was anymore as a man. And all the troubles that was surrounding him externally was awakening the troubles he had internally.

He didn’t want to smoke weed, drink or sleep around with girls anymore. So after some months of reading and practicing different world views like the Rastafari movement, Zen Buddhism, Taoism, and the Nuwaubian movement, he found himself realizing more and more that he had personal issues that he had to repent of.

His younger brother Jeotheus advised him to open up the Bible and read about Jesus and his life was forever changed. He quickly realized that the feeling of insecurity, and lack of hope was because of the overwhelming consequences of his sinful lifestyle. He gave his life to Jesus in 2014 and was baptized in 2015. That same year him and his brother released their first and only EP together called “Organic Theology” under the name, Agape Brothers.

He took a break from music after getting married and having two children, but with his inability to permanently stay away from music, he began writing music again, hoping that 2019 will be the year he makes a name for himself, only this time, with Jesus as his guide and muse. His first single as Yannick Paul is called “Any Situation”, a song that not only speaks on his coming to faith story, it also speaks about waiting on God’s time and to be content in every and any situation in life, whether good or bad. It is available wherever music is sold digitally.

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