Belac360 and Scott Evans Talk About “Features” on Live Praise


Over the past weeks there has been a heated debated on social media in the urban gospel space. One school of thought is of the view that “Christian artistes are not supposed to feature secular artistes” whilst another school of thought believes there’s nothing wrong with featuring a secular artiste.

The heated debate has been all over the urban gospel space on social media and has had it’s fair share of contributions from various schools of thought. Over the weekend on Live Praise, a Christian show on Live Fm, Belac360 and Scott Evans were asked about their views and opinions concerning the issue at hand.

They both shared very deep insights and we’re glad to share those thoughts with you.

Belac 360 thoughts;

Scot Evans thoughts;

The debate still goes on. What do you think? Are Christian artistes are not supposed to feature secular artistes? Share your thoughts with us as well.

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