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On March 25 Hope Channel released Heroes 2: The Bible Trivia Game, a free videogame app designed to share the message of Jesus with the world’s 2.7 billion gamers. Two years in the making, Hope Channel finally released the app in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese in a global online event, to the delight of a multitude of gamers that were counting down the days until the launch.

Heroes 2 is a Bible trivia game in which the most prominent champions of the Bible challenge your knowledge about their lives. Players journey through the narrative of the
Bible, starting with Adam and Eve, in Genesis, and ending with John in the book of Revelation. This beautifully designed app, featuring 3D characters, an original soundtrack recorded by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and multiplayer-mode, is taking the world by storm. In the run up to the release the Heroes 2 YouTube Channel exploded with videos describing anything from the best strategy to thrive in the game to learning about the life of
each of the 12 heroes. During the weekend after its release, the app was downloaded more than 20.000 times, and it ranks in the top ten trivia games in almost 50 different countries.

Sam Neves, the creative behind the project, believes that gaming is the next evangelical frontier to conquer. With four in every ten people playing videogames, Neves and his team truly are trailblazing in the field of digital evangelism. Along with the app, Hope Channel also released a series of digital Bible Studies in which the Heroes of the game answer some of The Big Questions that life confronts each of us with. A team of digital evangelist is ready to answer questions, offer pastoral advice and prayer from any seeking gamers.

Neves believes that Heroes 2 offers a countercultural take on what it means to be a hero. It is not about having superpowers or a perfect life, like we often see on the movies. “It is more about character than it is about power. Moses and Esther could not fly or outrun a speeding bullet, but in placing their trust in God, they became vessels through which the Almighty made the impossible seem routine and Superman look duller than a 50-year-old butter knife”. The app shares this idea, inviting gamers to join a generation of heroes ready to follow in the steps of Christ. But that’s is not all! Heroes 2: The Bible Trivia Game will be translated into more than 25 languages and Hope Channel is planning to produce a TV show that will encourage teams from any Christian church or school to test their Bible knowledge through the game. And there is something for music lovers also too! The theme song, “The Great Battle”, wonderfully performed in English and Portuguese by Laura Morena was released on all digital platforms, including Spotify and Deezer.

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