Buchi Praise – Dimi mu


“Dimi mu” is a single from Buchi Praise’s forthcoming album titled “Hunger”. This is more than a song. This is an outcry.

In this world where righteousness is taken as foolishness and waiting on God is taken as wasting of time, it is my cry that I won’t go after the things of the world.

Many times we ask the Father for things and yet it’s not forthcoming. We get surprised to see even the unbelievers waste what we call our prayer requests with so much arrogance and to us it feels like God is coming too late even for his own.

“Dimi mu” is a song for every moment, for every feeling.It’s a cry that in it all, I don’t want to be lost following after the things of the world. Hold me. Lastly, I realise that fathers hold their child when the situation is tough, draining and demanding.

A son the Father doesn’t hold would get lost or wounded.

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