Check Out the Visuals for “Change Is Coming” By 4 YVTH


I got chills as I watched this video. Today I share with you a project that has a strong message to offer young adults and shed some positive light in our lives, in hope of a world where people pay attention to the strong influence we have on kids.

4 YVTH is a production company in Montreal with a big vision to influence better habits and real change in the music community, mainly specializing in Gospel, Soul, R&B and many more. 4 YVTH worked on tbe life transforming “Change Is Coming” piece which was produced by Justin Mbaya

This piece was composed and performed by Kaylon John. There are visuals also available so people can easily relate to the message that is shown throughout the video with three (3) different stories lines. The video was directed by Thierry Charles and dance performance by Chanel Cheiban.

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