Denis Mclean Releases Debut Video


Gospel Reggae artiste Denis Mclean was born in the UK. However, his parents hail from Jamaican and Dominican heritage, along with his twin sister Denise and little sister Samantha. Growing up Denis attended Sunday School, though he had little knowledge about the Bible or God, which he admits was due to a lack of interest during his childhood.

At the age of 12, Denis Mclean’s mother became a Rastafarian, and he began attending celebrations, ceremonies, and meetings with her.

Denis attended a church meeting at the invitation of a friend. Once there, a young man began speaking to Denis privately about Jesus. Denis responded by declaring that he believed what the Rastafarian’s had told him about Haille Selassie. Thankfully Denis’s mother had bought him a Bible, which encouraged him to find out more about God.

On reading the Bible, Denis came across Acts 4 verse 12, which says: ‘Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men, by which we must be saved’. The apostle Peter was speaking about Jesus Christ. This scripture sent Denis on a journey through the Bible, which not only changed his life, but the life of his mother and other members of his family.

God had given Denis the gift to sing, which led to a DJ in Atlanta, hearing Denis ministering at an event via the internet, and asked Denis to record a song on a mix CD, which would be given out to the youth. He was sent the ‘Drop leaf’ rhythm to which Denis wrote the song entitled ‘Nobody Told Me’.

DJ Redz,’ from “His Majesty’s Sound System” (HMSS), approached Denis, to write a song for the ‘High Priest’ rhythm. Denis partnered with a young man named Jahmari, and together they wrote ‘When The Enemy Sought’.

Check out his debut video below;

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