Didigrae | The Day I Died

DGA593052 Suicide, 1881 (oil on canvas) by Manet, Edouard (1832-83); Buhrle Collection, Zurich, Switzerland; (add.info.: Edouard Manet (1832-1883), Suicide, 1881. Artwork-location: Zürich, Sammlung Bührle (Art Museum)); De Agostini Picture Library / E. Lessing; French, out of copyright

Time: 14:32

Date: 26/09/2016

Weather: Overcast with a 70% chance of rain

Police Report: A body was found by a neighbor. Victim may have starved to death. He also had a piece of cloth around his neck, which may have been used to strangle him. There was no sign of forceful entry nor are any valuables reported missing. Victim still had his mobile phone and his wallet in his possession. Nothing else seemed out of place and the victim may have been attacked by an assailant known to them. We can conclude that this may have been planned and therefore rule it a homicide.

My Story: I woke up to the knock on my door. This wasn’t the first time. I just hadn’t paid particular attention to it. He stood there and opened his arms. I hugged him so tightly, I was losing my breath. I turned around and saw the body on the floor too. I was dead. I called the police. I had starved this flesh so much it couldn’t survive. It wasn’t a funeral. It was a birthday party. I turned myself in, but they said I couldn’t have killed myself.

I buried myself.

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