Disunity Is Killing The Gospel Industry – K. Anani


For some time now, on radio; and on the various social media platforms, most gospel industry players have been heard talking about or have posted on issues relating to disunity among themselves. It is perceived that, there is no unity among players in the industry. It could be true; or otherwise. But how do we go bypass that and fix the industry for the betterment of all players?

On Saturday, at the launch of GUGMA, K. Anani in a brief interview with KFM TV, couldn’t point finger to anyone as the destroyer or ‘enemy of progress’ in the industry. But, he was able to identify acts that comprises of the industry not united.

“I think we are not doing well; we are not doing well because, that is what is limiting us. If you look at the secular guys, they are together. And with the gospel guys, they are not one. Because, they come to events like this, you see them together laughing, smiling all together, but when they are doing projects, they don’t consider their fellow artiste to be on board”.

He continued that, he has been on this agenda for long; and his prove is; songs released to his credit. He has strategized to have a different artiste on each of his songs released. He is not worried about who performs or minister better so far as the intended message is delivered effectively.

K. Anani is expected to release a new song with Mr. White in February, 2019 after a successful collaboration with his colleague; a Ghanaian but German based artiste; Daniel Jeddman.

Search “K. Anani And Daniel Jeddman – Hy3 Me Ma” on Youtube to watch the video of that collaboration.

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