Dunation Crew Features Gottlieb on New Single “Mighty Men of Valour”


Stories of old tell tales of some men of God or heroes. These men through the calling of God exhibited bravery, confidence, strength fearlessness and valourness talk of the likes of David and his band of mighty men, Gideon, Naaman, Jephtah, Jeroboam, Benjamin, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

The bible describes them as”Mighty men of valour”. In this generation of young Christians, Dunation crew, an urban gospel music group of two who minister gospel through rap and spoken word collaborates with another promising young urban gospel musician, Gottlieb a.k.a. the rap evangelist on new song titled “Mighty men of valour”, a faith building song which seeks to encourage and inspire young Christians to be brave and courageous in dealing with challenges they face in their daily lives so they become victorious.

This is the second time these two urban gospel ministers have collaborated on a song.The first was on a single titled ‘God dey for me’,a song that talks about the presence of God even in our darkest moments as Christians which became an instant hit.

Mighty men of valour was produced by young music producer Dj Akatoa and is scheduled to be released on Friday, 24 May, 2019.

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