Erica Bostick Releases Her Debut Album, Fire of a Warrior


Erica Bostick is here with her debut album titled “Fire of a Warrior”. I would love to describe what you’ll be hearing on this project but let’s allow Erica to do this herself;

“The album started as a step of obedience and bravery to follow a dream in my heart so I could encourage my daughter to do the same some day with integrity and has turned into a 3 year journey of overcoming a life-long struggle with anxiety and fear of man. And, each song is a part of the journey and tells the story that God is still writing in my life of healing, freedom and growing me in boldness. My prayer is that these songs would breathe hope into dark places and help bring about more healing and freedom in others as God has done for me”.

I believe this is a project worth listening to. The album consists of 10 tracks. Check it out below;

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