Gospel Artistes – Soulbiz or Showbiz Agenda? Part 1


Article by John Jeremiah

My careful analysis of the setbacks experienced by gospel artists in the Showbiz industry is generally because of the misconception that gospel artists are into SoulBiz and not necessarily ShowBiz. and this gets them overlooked even in instances where they are deserving. Efforts therefore must be made to disabuse this negative mindset that’s retarding the so called ‘Soul-Biz’ agenda.

After critically analyzing the showbiz/ soulbiz definitions and interpretations (to my best of knowledge), should we stop deceiving ourselves, we may move fast forward. The spirituality, which is a prerequisite, must be treated as such ( spiritual ).

But let’s also know exactly what we want in the ‘physical’ as we do what we do because our lamenting has always been about the ‘physical’ comparisons hence we are always seen and also see ourselves as the under dogs.

For instance; after a powerful ministration / performance, a gospel art will lament; they paid this secular artists Ghcxxxxxxxxx cash and they gave me Just Ghcx, or they didn’t even give me water. At that point, the lamenting is never a soul centered, instead money (business). Why? SoulBiz or ShowBiz?

Again, some will say, as for this award, it should have included the gospel arts and we should have even won. They are cheats, etc. Soulbiz or Showbiz?

Yes, these are all unfair treatments in Showbiz and can be discussed but let’s ask ourselves, are we into SoulBiz or Showbiz?

Note that, the showbiz industry itself is actually a big umbrella and contains everything entertainment , so if gospel artists want to say we do soul-biz under showbiz, I think it’s not a bad idea but generally, they must embrace the ShowBiz. maybe our honest answers will explain why we get ‘just’, or ‘nothing at all’ kind of treatments all the time, and possibly guide us also to recreate a better industry that will serve our mission proper.

I believe if that is well defined, it will inform our talents / artists the way forward at least ‘physically’, because if we are able to redefine and accept that it is actually SHOWBIZ, in the ‘physical’ then we can redefine our brands and structures also to attract the kind of attention and / or business we want ‘physically’ and also be booked on major events ‘physically ‘. Even though I agree that Favor is for all, it is not predetermined. Hence, What you sow is what you reap.

To be comtinued….

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