Gospel Artistes – Soulbiz or Showbiz Agenda? Part 2


Article by John Jeremiah

Personally, I believe that the business aspect of the show is not against any biblical teachings, why then are we shying away from the showbiz terminology? Because the business aspect just applies to the creative elements including artists, performers, writers, musicians, technicians and managers, agents, producers, distributors, etc. and do not want to believe it can influence our spiritual lives in any way.

My colleague gospel artists need to come to the realization that, to rise higher or be in the same ‘physical’ level with top secular arts like OsiBisa, Kojo Antwi, Shatta Wale, Sarkodie, and the rest of the successful artists, we must be willing to harness the business component of the Showbiz industry.

We may get to the VGMA, BET, amongst other award scheme (where most of us are dreaming of getting an appearance though, still Soulbiz right? But what is, has been, shall be our value ‘in the physical’ ?

As Gospel artists, if your work and business is fully and truly spiritual without any ‘physical’ business mindset, then let us stop comparing ourselves when it comes to ‘physical ratings’ to those who have decided to include business as part of their craft and its working for them.

We may be doing very great with the songs, lyrics, miming, dancing, poems, comedy, instrumentals, performances, releases, etc but in Showbiz, it goes way beyond that.

Showbiz has rules, and the first rule is, always leave them wanting a little more. But most importantly, the talent needs to be shaped and regulated so that one can fully excel and also make the necessary coins that comes with it. This can not be achieved with the soulbiz/showbiz confused mindset. We must be straight.

“Man is ill because we are not still” — Lady Rev. Princess Ada

To be comtinued………..

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