Gospel Artistes – Soulbiz or Showbiz Agenda? Part 3


Article by John Jeremiah

I believe when Jesus was going about doing his Father’s business wholeheartedly, money/physical things were never His motivation, He was rather doing good ( giving ) in addition.

And I believe it’s this same business that we are willing to continue in our individual capacities as instructed by the Saviour himself, right?
Then let’s do the Job wholeheartedly and spiritually with the focus on the word.

It is said that, many talented people died or made nothing out of their talents not because no one helped them but because they lost focus. Again, Trooth, a fast rising gospel artist will always say and I repeat, Focus on the Word.

Until then, let’s not be doing the work in the name of Soulbiz yet be complaining about Showbiz, the two cannot work perfectly unless one submits to the others rules.

Hence, you decide.

But why are we always lamenting about the business (money) aspect.
yet we claim that’s not what we are about? I rarely hear gospel artists talk about souls won and probably how bad they felt after losing a particular soul?

Anyways, since it’s soul business, may I please ask, where are the souls? How many have we won so far? Remember bible says Jesus Christ believes and deals with numbers when it comes to shepherding.

Meanwhile, I just want to know, just as Showbiz means making money out of shows. What is soulbiz then? Making money out of souls?

In conclusion; Showbiz is business, hence aside spirituality, all other parameters must remain same regardless of our genre if we hope to remain both spiritually and financially relevant in our course to win souls for Christ.

In the mean time, Let’s keep Propelling.

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