How do Urban Gospel Artistes use social media?


Musicians use social media to create hype for themselves and their music. If you use social media well, it can boost your following, fan engagement, and your reputation as an artist.

Musicians use social media to increase their chances of getting verified artist pages. If you have a strong social media foundation as an artist, this can massively support your requests for verification.

You’ll need to put some work into optimising your social media and building a strong foundation that can be used as evidence in your verification applications. This is how musicians use and optimise social media:

1. Create a YouTube Channel – for promotion and finding a new audience.

2. Make a Facebook page – to interact with fans and post ads for upcoming shows

3. Set up an Instagram account – to humanise yourself as an artist.

4. Sign up to Soundcloud – to get access to stats and share your music to other platforms.

5. Get on Twitter – to stay active online and get your material trending

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