How do you become a Google Verified Musician?


Google has recently launched a new feature that’s perfect for up-and-coming singers and musicians. The feature allows artists to claim their profile on Google by using the Google knowledge panel. Once you’ve claimed your artist profile, you can get it verified and have full control over the content.

A Google knowledge panel is the column that comes up when you search for a notable public figure or business. It provides a snapshot of information about the subject you’ve searched for.

If you have music released on digital stores like Spotify and Apple Music, you’re likely to have your own Google knowledge panel (also known as your artist profile.) You can find out if you do by simply searching for your stage name on Google.

If you haven’t got any music released yet, your name as a musician won’t be notable enough for you to have your own Google knowledge panel and you won’t be able to get verified on Google just yet.

How do you claim your artist profile on Google?
You need to claim your artist profile on Google before you can become Google verified. This is because you need to prove your identity before you can gain control over your artist page.

To claim your artist profile and get Google verified, follow these steps:

Step 1
Search for yourself (using whatever name you perform under as a musician or singer) on Google. If you have music released on digital stores, your artist profile should come up along with your Google knowledge panel.

Google knowledge panels that belong to musicians typically have images of the artist at the top of the column, with sections titled Artist’s name, Available On, Songs, Events, and Profiles underneath.

Step 2
Once you’ve searched for yourself on Google, scroll to the bottom of your Google knowledge panel. Here you’ll find the “Claim this knowledge panel” button that you need to press.

Step 3
Google will then take you to a page that says, “Get verified.” Press this button and complete the form Google generates for you. You’ll be asked to confirm your identity by providing links to your social media platforms, website, and by uploading a selfie you have taken with a form of ID.

Step 4
You can now submit your application and wait for Google to review it.

How long does it take for Google to verify your knowledge panel?
Google will need to confirm your identity is the same as that listed on your Google knowledge panel before it can grant you verification. This can take anywhere from 2-5 days.

Once your request has been accepted, you’ll become the verified owner of your Google artist profile and your Google Knowledge Panel.

Google should send you an email with a “Get Started” link once the verification is complete, and you can then start editing your content and knowledge panel.

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