How to Get an Official Artist Channel on YouTube in Quick Time


Artists should be aiming to get an Official Artist Channel on YouTube. It is the biggest music platform and many famous artists have been signed after uploading videos of themselves singing or performing. Verifying your channel can make you look more professional and help you stand out amongst other independent artists.

Getting an Official Artist Channel can help promote your music, create closer connections with your fans and show you detailed video analytics. Follow these 9 steps to create an Official Artist Channel and then verify it through YouTube for Artists.

If you have put a lot of effort into producing a song and shooting a music video then you will want to make the most of your hard work. We will show you what you should to do to help you get the little musical note next to your channel name to show your subscribers that it’s an Official Artist Channel; here’s how to get an official artist channel on YouTube.

How to get an Official Artist Channel on YouTube

  • Start a YouTube Channel
  • Customise your channel
  • Upload videos
  • Categorize your videos as music
  • Create thumbnails
  • Add cards and end screens
  • Make playlists
  • Connect with your fans
  • Engage with other creators
  • YouTube Official Artist Channel

#1 Start a YouTube channel

The first thing you need to do is make your own YouTube channel. Sign in to YouTube on the top right-hand corner, go onto settings (where the gear icon is) and you will be able to create a channel from there.

Make sure you know what you want to call your channel and what you want it to be about before you sign up. This way you can create your channel and get straight into customising and uploading content.

#2 Customise your channel
This will make your channel more unique and personal. If you’re eligible, try getting a custom YouTube URL. You can add a profile and cover photo and also a description about yourself. This will be a good place to add any press shots and your artist bio.

Make sure that your photos are the right dimensions for your YouTube channel. Your profile photo should be 800 x 800 pixels and your cover photo should be 2560 x 1440 pixels.

#3 Upload videos
Start adding music videos to your channel and start growing your subscriber number. Every video doesn’t have to be a music video. You can also create cover videos, vlogs or art tracks where the song plays with a still image.

Make sure you have a concise title with your song and artist name. If it is a cover, make sure that you’ve given credit to the original artist in the title. Also, think about what you want to put in the description and save a template to save you time copying over social media links.

#4 Categorize your videos as music
You can do this when you upload a video and go into advanced settings. There will be a dropdown menu with many different categories on it so make sure you select music and this should help your video come up on YouTube Music.

#5 Create thumbnails

Let people know instantly what your video is about with thumbnails. Take photos whenever you’re shooting a video and put a huge title on the image. Remember, it needs to be readable on someone’s phone screen.

Make sure that the size is 1280×720 pixels so that the photo fits perfectly. This can make your video look more attractive to click on and gain more views.

#6 Add cards and end screens
These are promotional pop-ups where you can attach links or promote other videos from your channel. You could use this as an opportunity to link to your Spotify channel, sell merchandise or link other channels from collaborations.

When you’re making a video, consider where these cards are going to be placed. This way you’ll be able to position yourself in the frame correctly. You can communicate with your viewers in the video and make a direct call to action to click onto the links.

#7 Make playlists
Once you have enough videos, you can create playlists to group your videos together and make your channel stand out. You could also share playlists instead of one video to get people to watch more of your content.

Creating multiple playlists can help give your channel a more distinct identity and you could use them to separate your original content from covers.

#8 Connect with your fans
Whether you’re aiming for an Official Artist Channel or not, you should be engaging with fans. If you get any comments or positive attention from your YouTube videos, make sure you send your thanks and respond.

Neglecting your audience will discourage them from coming back for more but interacting with them will make them feel more connected to you. This is especially important at the early stages of developing a channel so you should try hard to stay on top of it.

#9 Engage with other creators
Become a part of the creative community and interact with other artist channels. This can make you known to people who you might want to collaborate with and help you build your network.

You can learn a lot from looking at other channels and seeing what works well for them. You can then look at incorporating these good practices into your channel and grow your subscribers.

#10 Sign up for YouTube for Artists
If you have followed all of these steps then there is a chance your channel may have automatically been verified as an Offical Artist Channel. Don’t worry if it hasn’t because you should be eligible and all you have to do now is contact YouTube.

Using the email that was used to create your YouTube channel, send an email to and wait for your response. Be aware that this process isn’t instant or guaranteed. It could be a few weeks before you get your account upgraded and before you can become an Official Artist Channel on YouTube.

For more information, have a look at YouTube’s artist website, speak to other artists on YouTube and look at the Official Artist Channel playbook.

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