Impulses Of The Heart And Thoughts Ruled by God – A Book by Adie Chidubem F. & Peter O. Momoh


In a age when our lives are being ravaged from the inside-out; those who will thrive are those whose hearts and thoughts are aligned with the will of God.

The heart is the kaleidoscope for understanding the life of a man, because the heart is the part of us where our emotions and desires dwell.

More than a physically healthy heart, we need an emotionally stable and spiritually inclined heart that is owned and ruled by God; this is the best nourishment for our souls.

The most healthy mind is that which is ruled by God, that person gets the privilege of receiving comforts in the soul, joy in the heart, peace of mind, richness of the intellect, blessedness of the memory, beauty of godly meditation, victory in the spirit, inspirational thoughts, righteous impulses, wise ideas, soul lifting counsels, perfect knowledge, sound understanding and many

In light of that, Adie Chidubem F. and Peter O. Momoh share helpful insights on this matter, read their first ever collaborative publication titled, “THE IMPULSES OF HEARTS AND THOUGHTS RULED BY GOD”.

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