Kevin PY – Letter to the Old Gees [@kevinpy.rje]


After the successful release of “Spirit Arise” and “KOMM Pt1”, RepJesus Entertainment’s finest, Kevin PY has been at the forefront of Urban Gospel and as one of the very best in the industry, it’s only right that when someone is needed to do a track that will express the heart and soul of Urban Gospel in Ghana, none other than PY took to the mic.

Letter to the Old Gees is a track that is filled with lots of realness, though-provoking lyrics, hard punchlines, name calling and arrangement by one of the best, Made Musiq, you know you are in for a good time. Kevin PY really meant it when he said this is a letter to the old gees. From Preachers to Psalm One, Muby Dey to Regardless, Kevin PY made sure to say something to each one of the pioneers in this movement.

And what better gift to give to the body on your birthday, than this? Enjoy this groundbreaking single from Kevin PY.

Kevin PY – Letter to the Old Gees [Download]

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