KobbySalm Breaks Silence With Regards To Illuminati Accusations


Following the release of ‘The Peoples” all time favorite Album ITMOC,Urban Gospel Artiste Kobby Salm has embarked on a couple of media tours in pursuit of promoting the In The Midst Of Comfort Album. The album which has 20 songs to its credit has been the talk of town since its release gathering testimonies from all around the globe.

Kobby Salm in one of his interviews with host Zeinatu of Ameyawtv he had to clear the air about his new video out “OBIARA NSE WO” which people are labeling it as an illuminati video.

KobbySalm stated that the scene in the video which had people’s eyes covered with blood signified “people who are blind, lost and don’t know Christ”. Same video there was a scene where he was in the water and that signifies “Baptism” meaning the process of renewal after being found as a lost soul. The last scene in the video was where all the people in the garden where in white which signifies “Purity”

KobbySalm believes as gospel musicians, they have to be more creative and not limited to a particular style.

Check out the interview below;

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