Lyrics: Edy C. Radio – We Don’t Care [@edycradio]


I want I want
All I wanna do is praise You
Kw3 kaalu kaalu
We all got reasons to praise Him

Yes you have and I have
Don’t shy them in any way
Make them diss we buh we don’t care
Yes we know say

People are watching, we don’t care
When I praise you like crazy, we don’t care
Let them people keep talking, we don’t care

Cos I know what my God is doing for me yeah yeah

Woke up in a hospital
Woke up in a prison
Not in a mortuary
You got many reasons

To praise him sing praises
Come on come on go go crazy
Come on come on kotomoshi

Kpokpo body yeah
If you wake up with no dollar
No gari and no sugar
Son of God nor dey chop borla

You nor go chop borla
They gimme hundred reasons to cry
Buh you make a million reasons for me to smile

Atswade atswade

Praise the Lord everybody
Mof33mo agba abole

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