Lyrics: Era Music – Barak Era II


Lind Aryela
Blinding lights, fiery skies before His eyes
He said “I see a world right before My eyes”
A place of hope and love they don’t see

Beasts rising from the East
I see a strong people arise
A generation in my eyes
Going forth in the Lord

Jozy Dayan
Everyday, Lord we will lift your name high.
You are King, we will give you all the praise.
You are God there is no one like you.
There is no one like you..

Abii Keren
Lord when I look at where you took me from
I see my story has just begun
And when I see how you holding my hand
I know this journey is going to be grand.

Let different lights unite
The vision of the seen combine
We drink of heavenly wine
It’s time
What you saw, what you see, what you’ve seen
The power of time reveal
What we only left to show
The Magnets and colours

You got us straight to the top!
We will stand by you

You got us straight to the top!
We will stand by you

Born with a microphone
Rapping to the throne
Put the speaker on (Ah)
Man, that’s grace for your soul.
Called by the father
oh I never walk alone,
got fire in my bones,
man, I never walk alone.

Faith for the poor,
lames gonna walk,
with the grace of the Lord
from the Base to the top.
Look at we now,
now we looking okay,
look at we now,
Man, it’s grace always.

Osby Mann
Freedom from the pain..threw it down the window pane
Laid down my life and I ain’t never been the same
Flash back when I was blind and I couldn’t see the whole vision, the whole plan..cos I was at sea

Sun’s out..but let them know that my God reigns
Set free..and not a chance imma switch lanes
Now I’m the vision..imma shine bright for them to see..the life of kinging that we living..this is the beginning.

DJ Ruel
From then till date life is risky business
When I met him I was destined for greatness
My story never ends you be flipping the pages
This glory never fades, it be lasting for ages.

Feeling the bass
Feeling the God and I’m feeling my days
Feeling spectacular killing his pains
Taking a bow yh I’m shooting my aim

Shadday Lumin
Look, i see a people coming from the sky
All the people watching
Man they’re staring in surprise.
Every nation gawking
Could this really be the Christ?
These are the kings sent from heaven the Kingdom of Light.

See the Priesthood is groaning like Ratatata.
Hearing the language of heaven these people are speaking got me singing hallelujah,
To the lamb that was slain 3y3 Yesu Mogya
So Go!!!

Charisma Eben
I hear the sound of a people
I hear the song of a God who’s El who descends and making it all for Himself
And making the Angels to call me an El

Having his seconds, my blessings, and making me watch all his levels, I bevel the devil,
Having his purpose and living in the focus
I got God in my caucus!

I see a people rise to take their place.
A people of no wrath and doubt
They coming one by one.

I see a people rise to take their place.
A people of faith and love
They coming one by one.

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