Lyrics: Minister Kobby – False Prophets [@ministerkobby]



Blessings Every time!
Aal di way to Salvation,
Mi sing songs to enlighten di children of di Most High,
MK Music; eyhaaw!


Demma wolves inna sheep’s clothing;
Sugar quote dem words with a fake loving;
Finding ways fi tek uno money;
Beware, demma come plenty;
Demma False Prophets;


See how you ah live uno life;
Its like everything is going upside down;
Sometimes you ah go up high;
But many times things ah just slow you down;
So you become so desperate to mek things work fah you always;
So you then chase after dem prophets always; (always)
When you go to dem, demma go put fear in you; (You)
So that they can get everything you have on you.


His hand will be against di prophets who see false visions and utter lying divinations;
They will not belong to di council of His people or be listed inna records of His nation;
Nor will they enter di land of His nation;
Then you ah go know that Him ah di sovereign Lord;
This is what di Lord Almighty says;
‘’Do not listen to what dem prophets are telling you; they fill you with ah false hope and speak visions from demma own minds, not from di mouth of JAH’’.


False Prophets Now Playing;

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