Lyrics | T-Danso – The Hood


Ebe like the people come oo, dem come?
Ok Ok.. wanna welcome you all to this town
And since you just arrived, let me not take much of your time
Get yourself a bottle of water and let me show you around

So let me take you on a tour
Take you to a place you’ve never been before
To a community where we never see your flaws as your flaws
We see them as opportunities and more
Cos the King refines you
This is where your past never really defines you
And it is for each and everyone who decides to
Follow the King, anyway let me guide you
So when you turn to the right just look
Over there and you see the King’s crew
Preachers okay the royal priesthood
Don’t be amazed you are in the Christhood, the township
The scribe, Ams writer
Lil zig zag in his book in his mitre
Jotting every note down, let’s go down the hood
everything here is Krixy and nicer
Over there is the Church
That is the kitchen where we serve
Ourselves with the Lord’s word
It is from that we dey get wanna strength
The more you dey eat the word you dey get more fat
Na yɛnkrɔfo no ɔmo ham, they never dey dawg dat
Nti enemy no pɛsɛ he go choke someone
Nso yɛ ham daa, after killing one pan
When I spit an acapella the burner is so hot
Going back and forth, we show you that Christ rocks
In everything that we participate we are on top
Whatever we say we mean it charlie we never dey bluff
Nyiama bi wɔhɔ aa nipa yɛno sei ɛyɛ no sei
Nso yɛ hene n’etimso paa nidi wo nni say
Nti wopɛ people, to commit, themselves to the course ɛndi mɛnhwɛ ekyi, cos yɛ muby dey
Yɛ hene no ni yɛ true friend
So we do what he wills and
There are times demons try to steal and
Winged up all you see is mike mills them
And you know we go the choir set
We devoted to the project
When we have enemy knives cutting ou neck, tunes flow we be singing to God in the highest like

Do re mi fa high note
Bie yano tisɛ pipe we dey make words flow
When you’re standing aside and you see it go up it our praises ma guy jey smoke
We are in our limo blazing no hypo-cracy
We go out kɔ wini souls
Na ɛno sendi chills killer thrills down the spine of the enemy nti we go hard no joke
You know say people dey talk say, if you go fit be successful aa eno be God, buh lack
So whenever they hear us say, anyone who walks with Emmanuel triumph, they laugh
Buh we, always living in the moment of truth so we share the Gospel regardless
and they dey try to pollute, nea ɔmo bɛyɛ bia no dey no go fit change wanna mindset
Cos We know for sure that our God is the finest, He shows us mercy and joy
You may be high but our God is highest, I’m a proud King’s kid, yea boy

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