Meet Oteng III, A Major Player In Making Introspective And Storytelling Gospel Music


Oteng The ThiRd is a major player in making introspective and storytelling gospel music. You can call him the David of our time, how he cooks His hooks and verses from true life experiences not losing the gospel content.

He continues to pay his tithes in lyrics. “My pen on paper feeling not for mere recognition/ it’s a healing, it’s a remedy on melody I’m giving/…” he rapped blissfully on his newest joint, “Keeps You Going” off his upcoming project.

Feel the snug embrace of his comfort and conviction, “tell them we never came this far to only give up/ Its not by might nor by power so don’t deny acknowledging the fact/ that someone keeps you going…”

This is not a prayer as much as a profession of faith. Ultimately, it’s a song about whom our sufficiency hangs on. As we have in 2 Corinthians 3:5. Watch the lyric video below

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