Pastor Joe Bechem Shares Child Birth Testimony


In a Facebook post, Pastor Joe Bechem shares how God blessed him with a child after 9 years of marriage. In his testimony, he stated;

“One day I was having my bath and I stood in the basin and asked, God, why me? I pray for people and they receive the fruit of the womb and deliver, so this small thing you can’t do for me, God, I won’t ask you again. I will never talk to you about this thing again.

You have to put him to the test. You have to bring him to a place where you show him his own word. He said “I will never leave you alone, call me.”

That same year which was my ninth year after marriage, it happened. My wife conceived. The name of my first child is Elisa. Hallelujah”

Pastor Joe Bechem used this testimony to empower everyone who might be in distress. He further continued to say “Don’t fret yet, He’s coming through. Keep trusting.”

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