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“Everybody put your hands up”, when you hear this statement then you know Kells and the Spirit Muzik crew is here. Well, today ugmb has the privilege to profile Kells of Spirit Muzik.

I know you’re already wondering who is Kells. I’ll let Kells himself tell you who Kells is, “Kells is a simple guy, who loves music, all about God’s purpose for our lives and using music as a medium to preach it”. Now you know who Kells is but there’s more to come.

Kelvin Quainoo Tibu is Kells’ full name. Growing up wasn’t easy for Kells at all. Moreover being a product of broken home, there seem to be no hope and no one to look up to. Kells was actually scared of what the future held for him but God has been good so far. “Was really scared of the future but one thing that has kept me till now I think was the fear of God”.

The Kells you see now was not always a singer, you know. He loved music because he was a dancer as well as choreographer back in the day. Yes, Kells can dance. He singing skills caught up with him though and he started doing secular music. But when Kells was about to complete the university he prayed a simple pray, “I told God to help me write gospel music and since then it hasn’t stop flowing”. He however officially began ministry in 2013. Kells released his debut and way maker album titled “Purpose” in 2015. 2017 saw him release his second album titled “Gifts And Callings”. Songs such as “Burst My Mind” and “Running Back” has been massive hits.

“I take most of my inspiration from the bible.. Secondly to be an example to others. As I said the main aim of the brand am building is to bring hope to the hopeless, mend broken hearts and empower people in a godly way. This keeps me going”. You now know what inspires and drives Kells to do what he does to the glory of God.

We all know that Kells is one versatile artiste. He sings and raps as well. Just listen to his Valentine’s day song “This Is Love” and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Kells has something to say about his versatility when UGMB caught up with him. “My versatility I will say is a gift of God. Also I believe there’s a reason why i posses such a gift. Words can’t explain how I do it, am just a vessel of honour. But I want to thank all who have recognised it”.

Kells has a mission, “my mission is simple to preach purpose”. Kells’ songs seeks to bring hope to the hopeless, bend broken hearts and empower people in a godly way. At the end of the day he wants people to see who they really are in Christ.

Kells has a number of records to his name. Countless songs to my name I can say. Some of his songs include “Nyame Ye, Repping Jehovah , Awesome” just to mention few. He has an album to his name as well.

Kells is of the view that urban gospel is set to make greater strides in the near future. “Currently I think we really doing well. Some few years to come I want to hear and see our hard works out there outside the boarders on Ghana and also write songs that are more life transforming”.

We complete this session with a message from Kells to his fans. “To my fans it’s simple first I want to thank everyone who has made it possible for me to come this far. My final words, find your creator, find out why He Brought u here on planet earth and accomplish it. No human being is useless in the hands of God”.

Well now you know more about Kells than you used to know. I guess you the profile was quite revealing. You can leave your comments below as well.

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