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Today we profile a fast rising act in the person of Neqta. I know you’ve heard tunes like “Grateful” and “Kashe Gbeye”. Yes, he’s the gem behind those pieces. His unique style would definitely leave you yearning to hear more from him.

Stephen Okae Kumi Junior is the birth name of Neqta. He’s 21 years of age and resides at Amansaman. He however comes from the eastern part of Ghana, Aburi to be precise. Growing up it was all school, home and church for Neqta so it’s safe to say his musical prowess was developed in the church.

Neqta revealed the meaning of his name when UGMB caught up with him. “Stephen Okae Kumi Junior is my real name but my stage name is Neqta. So as we all know the liquid in the flower attracts insects, that’s how i want to use my gift to bring people into Christ”. Wow, what a revelation, I believe we all get it now.

Neqta chose urban gospel because he believes it’s refreshing. “Not that the other genres are not but i feel it’s a fresh wave that’s going to make more impact”. The journey started without Neqta even realising it. “As for how I started I don’t really know, because I’ve been singing in church for a while now. And when I went to senior high school, I learnt how to write songs so i think I’m safe to say that it has been gospel music since day one”.

Neqta is a very versatile artiste. He’s does urban, contemporary and traditional gospel music. “I sing alot in church so I guess that’s where the versatility comes from. I do the gospel kind of songs that is not only for Christians but also people in the world so that when they hear my stuff they can easily relate to it and come into the light”. Neqta is currently a TSBN (The Saint Broadcast Network) signed artiste.

Neqta is on a mission. The mission is clear. He hopes to get everyone singing and jamming to urban gospel without even realizing it’s gospel music. Neqta has a few records to his name. Gratitude, Oye, Priceless, Kashegbeye, Ayeyi are some of the songs to his name. The future is definitely bright here. “Well I can only say that the future is very bright and in five years time I pray to be on every major event that will be happening in Ghana and Africa and world”.

There is a vision for urban gospel. “In a few years to come people especially the youth and Ghana as a whole will engage in urban gospel”. That’s the vision. A message from Neqta; “I would like to thank my fans, family, friends and everyone for the love and support. God bless them so much and I pray they keep showing me love always”.

Well you have it all. Expect nothing but the best from this musical gem in the person of Neqta as he takes the world by storm.

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