Psalm 1, The Christ Junkie Celebrates 10 Years In Ministry


Pioneer and one of the pacesetters of Urban Gospel in Ghana, Psalm one recently took to Facebook to celebrate 10 solid years in ministry.

Read his Facebook post here;

“PSALM 1, the CHRIST JUNKIE at 10years. The picture on the RIGHT is the reason why there’s the picture on the LEFT. Without the pic on the RIGHT there won’t be the pic on the LEFT. GOD used HEAVENS CONNECTION to train, help, build and develop PSALM 1 spiritually, physically, skillfully, everything “fully”.

Everything I know, the foundations were laid by this Legendary group. I’ll talk more about my group subsequently.
Thanks to each and every member of the group back in the day. I’ll thank everyone one after the other soon.
As part of my 10th year in ministry celebrations I’ll be posting pictures and videos of the last 10years including moments/stories. Be on the look. Grace Period. GOD IS GOOD!” #vimming #Psalm1At10 #PsalmOneAt10 #PsalmUnoAt10 #UnoAt10 #GracePeriod #HouseOfVimming #VimmingTV #VimmingConcert

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Congratulations to the “vimming” man. He’s set to kick off fhe celebrations with a concert in Kumasi. UGMB would definitely keep you updated.

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