Same OG – Made Free [@its_sameog]


Music amongst other things, births conversations and this song “Made Free”, is a real life – real issue master piece. So many people have in one time before or maybe currently going through some issues and instead of Same OG doing a “turn up track”, she rather made this one a heart-felt song.

In her words;

I lost two of my friends from the faith because they said they couldn’t keep up with the “demands of being a Christian”. I wish they understood better and didn’t see Christ as a “task master” or a “dictator” who insists that you must be perfect to keep HIM as a Father!

Are you feeling guilt, pressurized, depressed, suicidal or even ashamed for whatever reason? Christ has “Made You Free”. Don’t give up on God. Yes, you’ve been made free.

Same OG – Made Free [Download]

Watch Lyrics below;

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