The Voice UK Auditioner, LitaMarie Releases her Debute Gospel Reggae Single “Don’t Sound The Alarm”


On the 20th April, UK based artist LitaMarie, released her first official single “Don’t Sound The Alarm” on the Covid-19 Riddim.
The up and coming artist who auditioned on The Voice UK, teams up with husband Dwight ”D-Major” Jones and Kingdom Reggae Music Producer. He is also the founder of Leap Studios in Leicester, UK. This is the Bermudian couples first official project together.

The Creative Process
Dwight ”D-Major” Jones took immediate action, after hearing the melody whilst in the shower. Humming and singing the melody, he began to hear other instruments. With the current Pandemic quarantine situation, LitaMarie on hearing the music in the background, caught the inspiration.

Inspiration Behind The Song
As the news regarding Covid-19 began to spread intensifying with every passing day. I started to sense the panic from people around the globe. What was most concerning to me were the number of Christian participants adding to this panic. While I too began to get concerned, I was always reassured by God’s promises. At the end of the day nothing that happens in the world is without God knowing, and without Him desiring to protect His children.

There is a pattern we’ve seen time and time again, in history of God repeatedly coming to the aid of those who call on His name. I wanted to put it out there, as a reminder that there is no reason to keep “Sounding the Alarm” about this pandemic. There is nothing to be worried about where God is concerned.

God concerns Himself with everything that we concern ourselves with. So rather than contributing to the negative news about Covid-19, I wanted to send out hope, and faith as a reminder of the real situation we are in. And that situation looks more like this. “He’s got the whole world in His hands”. There’s no need to fear, “#GodsGotThis” like He has everything else.

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