UK Based Ghanaian Artiste, Afriy David Releases New Single “Glory”


If you thought gospel music was boring, you probably might be listening to the wrong stuff. Let’s take a moment to understand Afriy David’s music.

It’s African contemporary, with a twist – making it more fun,exciting and appealing to the young and hungry Christian generation yearning for something new and not so boring as they say these days. One will argue that christian songs are not to be fun and exciting, but must be “highly” spiritual.

It’s a lie, the song must draw you closer to God. No need for antics.The song must tick certain boxes:
Spirit and in truth. Does “Glory” tick the these boxes? Yes! Afriy takes us on a journey on his “Glory” piece.

You must listen through to the end to experience and enjoy these three (3) layers of fun and adventure. From the beginning where he admonishes the greatness of God, giving him “Glory” for victory and success.

At the second level, Afriy takes us back to his sunday school years and sings about the unfailing love and friendship of God.

Afriy David then concludes with his favourite dance called “shebe” a dance he made up and also adapting jargons from Nigeria, “shakara”, encouraging you to dance for Gods Glory, saying “Yesu Ayekoo” meaing “Well done to God”.

Enjoy this beautiful piece and please do well to leave your comments in the comments section below.

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