Interview: Most Urban Gospel Artistes Have Lesser Education In The Genre – Zeekid


During the week, I had one-on-one chat with urban gospel artiste Zeekid about his ministry and petty issues in the whole industry. It was an interesting one. I know he is not a new person to you. At least, I recently posted a favorite tune from him on this portal. Yeah; go check it out; he titled it “Best Pal”. Click here to download.

During the interview, one emphatic statement he made was, in urban gospel, it’s very difficult to say a rapper is whack but agreed that “most of us doing urban gospel are not being educated about what we are doing”. They write songs just because they have some words to rhythm with. 

It will be in the right order to listen to the whole interview; from the beginning to the end; so that you don’t misconstrued any of his statements. 

Zeekid grew up living with his grandmother who was a great music lover. So then; he was exposed to music as a youngster by listening to seasoned old tunes. This was at his hometown; Akropong-Akuapem. He was given birth at Mampong-Akuapem. 

Expect “a lot of music which educate, tickle our thoughts and above all, portrait Jesus. And a lot of ministration at unconventional places”.

Zeekid is planning on an all guitar event. That’s going to be exciting. An event which shall get performers who play guitar on a round table. Each performer shall take his or her turn to minister and also speak on what went into their songs; the reason for the choice of particular key, arrangements and chords. 

“We can’t live outside Jesus and have a fulfilled life. Anything about Jesus is beautiful and as the scriptures put it; where the spirit of The Lord is, there is liberty. Therefore, let’s minister to bring freedom and liberty to people in bondages of whatever form. As ministers, we should develop ourselves in all aspects of our ministry. Let’s study to show ourselves approved unto God as workmen who need not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth”. – Zeekid


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